Jan & I go to Florida from Tenn 2-3 times per year—about 5 yr ago we found your place and enjoyed the experience—we stop everytime we are down 75—best product money can buy.
Jerry/Jan Barnwell

My husband and I were on our way home from Macon,GA to Pompano,FL. I wanted some peaches and saw the sign ‘we’re nuts.’ Needless to say we found the store. We got peaches and the best peacn turtles I have ever tasted and the peanut butter cookies is off the chain! None of the items we brought made it home, except the peaches. Now I have We’re nuts on my favorites.
Salina Edwards

I love these pecans! They are excellent in any recipe. Excellent for roasting/sautéing. They are also very good as a snack or added in breakfast cereal, granola and trail mix!
Deborah Leveson

The Ellis pecans are excellent. They are small, but do not let that deter you. The have a rich, sweet taste and tender consistency. They toast beautifully. I bought 5 pounds, and there was not one bad nut in the entire batch. They were also very nicely shelled, with very few broken nuts and none of that bitter stuff that one sometimes finds in the grooves in the nuts. They are not cheap but are definitely worth the price.
Allyn Jackson

These are perfect little pecans. We use them for everything from pies to sugar-spiced pecans and they are always delicious — never bitter. They are tender and have an earthy flavor to them. I give them a big thumbs up! There my favorite and I’ve had pecans direct from farms in Texas and throughout the south. These are the best!
David Rice

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