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Our Family Story in a Nutshell

Ellis Bros. Pecans, Inc. is a family owned and operated retail, wholesale, and mail order business. Our original pecan grove was purchased in 1944 by my father and mother, the late Marvin and Irene Ellis. The original grove is the site of our retail store and main operation center. The original pecan grove consisted of 60 acres of tree bearing nuts from the following five pecan varieties: Stuarts, Schleys, Moneymakers, Ally Desirables, and Nelsons. The farm at that time also included acres of peanuts and cotton. Those two crops are now outsourced.

In 1956, after graduating from the University of Georgia, I began a career with the Georgia Extension Service as a County Agent. The career path took me to several different Georgia counties and during my time with the Extension Service, I went back to school, where I completed my Master’s Degree in Agriculture. When I was 43, Cile and I moved home with our two youngest sons to help my father. We began the retail store, Mail Order Business, and Irene’s Candy Kitchen in 1978. My mother, Irene, directed the candy kitchen and started with her famous recipe of Pecan Brittle and added other southern gourmet candies that may be found in our family cookbook.

Two of our three sons, Brad and Keith, began working fulltime in the family business after college graduation. We now grow over 2,500 acres of pecans with twenty different varieties and we are continuing to plant new trees every year. We also have approximately 54 acres of peach trees consisting of twenty-five different varieties.

We are fortunate to have three of our seven grandchildren now working in the business to carry on the family legacy. Our newest nut variety, which has just received an official patent, known as the “Ellis” variety, is now being propagated at select nurseries. We anticipate the Ellis nut to be available in commercial production by 2018.

I hope you enjoy our products as much as our family.


Elliot Ellis

Elliott Ellis, President
Ellis Bros. Pecans, Inc.